What to Expect During Your Private Chess Lesson

What to Expect During Your Private Chess Lesson

People that have made a hobby or even a career out of chess often say that private chess lessons are the most beneficial tool for their growth. Private chess lessons can give a competitive player a strong edge over the competition and can help a beginner blossom at their own pace. If you are considering private chess lessons for you or a loved one, there are a few things to expect.

Initial Assessment

The first step is for you and your chess coach to get to know one another, and develop an understanding of your playstyle, as well as their coaching style! A good private chess coach should start with an in-depth and engaging assessment of your current skill level. It is also important to assess what types of lessons you find the most fun and engaging. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, this will make sure that your chess coach can make a customized lesson plan for your needs, and that you will have fun throughout your coaching!

Personalized Coaching

Technology today allows us to see all types of statistics and outcomes depending on the moves we choose. There are countless tools that calculate the best possible moves in certain situations, and these tools can be useful to gain insight into your mistakes. However, a dedicated coach will go the extra distance that a computer cannot. You can expect a chess coach to give you advice based on your personal play-style, which a computer does not have the ability to take into account.

For beginner players, our coaches learn what makes our students enjoy the game, and we work hard to foster that. This individually designed help is not something you can often find in group lessons, or through a computer.

Dynamic Lessons

Getting into private chess lessons, you should expect a dynamic experience. This means that the lessons planned for you will change and evolve depending on the troubles you are having, and what you need to work on. A lesson plan is just a guideline for a good private chess coach. In reality, if you have questions about a game you played, or if you saw another player use an interesting strategy, your coach can explore those things with you. This back and forth will prove invaluable for the growth of your game.

Looking For Private Chess Lessons In London Or The Surrounding Areas?

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