Chess and Problem-Solving in Education

Chess and Problem-Solving in Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, where preparing students to tackle real-world challenges is paramount, chess emerges as a powerful tool. Beyond its reputation as a game of kings, chess is a  great educational ally, quietly reshaping classrooms worldwide. In this article, we venture into the dynamic relationship between chess and the art of problem-solving […]

Chess and Academic Success: How Chess Skills Translate to Better Grades

Child playing chess

Chess, often celebrated as the “game of kings,” is more than just an intellectual pastime; it’s a profound tool for cognitive development. Beyond its strategic battles and checkmates, chess has been quietly revolutionizing the world of education. In this article, we delve into the intriguing correlation between chess proficiency and academic success. We’ll explore the […]

Chess and Decision-Making: Valuable Lessons for Business Leaders

Chess and Decision-Making: Valuable Lessons for Business Leaders

Chess, the ancient game of strategy and tactics, has long been revered for its ability to stimulate the intellect and test one’s decision-making prowess. Beyond the sixty-four squares, chess offers invaluable insights that extend far into the realm of business leadership. In this article, we embark on an exploration of the enthralling parallels between chess […]

Chess Club and Student Wellbeing: Nurturing Mental Wellness through Chess

Chess Club and Student Wellbeing

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the paramount importance of students’ mental wellbeing. As the pressures of modern education mount, finding effective ways to alleviate stress and promote mental wellness becomes increasingly critical. Surprisingly, chess clubs offer a haven of respite amidst this tumultuous landscape. Beyond the strategic battles, chess has quietly […]

When To Start Chess Training

Children's Chess Training

We’ve all heard of the chess prodigies that learn to castle before eating solid food. To be honest, even our very talented coaches didn’t start with chess training that early. Coaches around the world have been discussing for years the best age to start chess training. For us it comes down to two important factors, […]

Learning Chess: How To Keep Your King Safe

There is nothing more vital when learning chess than learning to keep your king safe. An exposed king means you could be wasting turns trying to get out of check while your opponent develops their pieces. But that’s not the worst case. You could be in for a very short game. There are a few […]

Should You Be Learning Chess Online?

Group Chess Lessons

Over the past few years, transitioning to learning chess online had become a necessity for most people. Today we have the option of returning to traditional, in-person lessons. But what have we learned over these past few years? It’s become apparent that chess education can be seamlessly transitioned to online tools, which can actually enhance […]