If you want to develop and improve your chess skills, private chess lessons are the most effective option. One-on-one lessons allow the student to ask many questions and learn new techniques and methods at his or her own pace. It also allows the teacher to tailor the curriculum to the individual student.

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    About a year ago, a seven-year-old chess player named Harry came to our club. When I asked him, “Why do you like to play chess?” he replied: “Because it’s fun to figure out how I can defeat your king”.

    Harry, a lively and impulsive boy, knew how to play chess before joining our club, but only the basic moves. Like many children his age, he did not have a lot of patience and usually rushed into the next move without thinking; in addition, he could not bear losing.

    Today, Harry, still a bundle of energy but slightly more pensive, knows how to devise a winning strategy, but more importantly he has learned to respect his opponent and to think before he acts, while his maths and communications skills have improved dramatically.

    It is no secret that chess is a great way of gaining key values as well as furthering analytical skills. What is less well known is that to achieve all this, having FUN is the way to go. Here at Premier Chess Coaching, we know how to teach chess in a unique and exciting way! This is what keeps our students coming back, while for our part we enjoy providing them with a set of tools and skills that can elevate them to new heights in their game.

    Tomer Eden, the founder of Premier Chess Coaching, has been playing chess since he was four years old and still enjoys the thrill of the game. Now he is teaching others, children and adults, to play this game in a fun way.

    To learn more about Premier Chess Coaching, our unique approach and about our school chess clubs in London and the surrounding area, visit more pages on our website or contact us HERE.