3 Reasons to Register Your Child for Private Chess Lessons

3 Reasons to Register Your Child for Private Chess Lessons

Private chess lessons are an integral part of any growing chess mind, but what benefits can you actually expect from them? Thousands of students from Infant school to Secondary school partake in regular, private lessons every year. Some of these children are looking to make a career out of chess, and others are enthusiastic about the benefits of chess to the human mind. These are all important considerations, but here is why we think you should enroll your child into private chess lessons:

1. Private Lessons & Competitive Chess 

Chess has a very strong following as a competitive game. Whether it’s played competitively as a career or by a passionate hobbyist, rising to the top of local tournaments, nationwide competitions, and eventually the world stage, requires private chess lessons. Private lessons are extremely in-depth and focus on subtle parts of a student’s game that would be otherwise overlooked. If your child is showing a high level of interest in competitive chess, it would be wise to foster that interest through private lessons as soon as possible. 

2. Increased Academic Performance

Chess, in general, has been known to increase problem-solving skills and reading levels time and time again. This effect has been widely studied and is still in the process of being understood today. If your child is struggling with these particular skills, it may be a good idea to introduce them to chess. Chess has been found to be effective at increasing reading levels, even more so than reading itself! Private chess lessons are a great way to get your child loving the game, right off the bat. The right chess coach can inspire a love for the game that will not only help your child reach new academic heights but also give them a productive hobby. 

3. Private Lessons for All Skill Levels 

Many people equate private lessons with high-level play. This is not at all the case. Private lessons are for children who love the game and want to get better at it. The beauty of private lessons is that children that are lagging behind in skill level do not feel frustrated by the pressure to excel, and students that are gifted at chess do not get bored of the game. Private lessons are the perfect balance for all skill levels. If you feel your child is bored of chess because of a lack of competition, or if they are getting frustrated with the game, some private lessons could be the perfect solution.

If you are located in London or the surrounding areas and considering private chess lessons for your children, we would be happy to help! At Premier Chess Coaching, we have friendly chess coaches that focus on having fun with chess. Our private lessons are sure to inspire a love for the game and bring all the benefits that come with it!