The Importance of School Chess Clubs

The Importance of School Chess Clubs

The Importance of School Chess Clubs

School chess clubs are one of the best resources today’s youth have to make a hobby or even a career out of chess.  Not only do chess clubs go hand in hand with a complete education, but they also set children up to have their talents recognized. Here are a few considerations to make while enrolling your children into their school chess club.

Chess clubs are proven to increase reading level

Studies have shown that an hour of dedicated chess time in school can boost reading levels significantly. Even when compared to students that did not play chess and instead read a book during that time, the chess students consistently came on top of reading tests. The benefits of chess don’t stop there. One of the biggest benefits is the increased problem-solving skills that will benefit our students for years to come.

Chess clubs are a convenient extra-curricular activity

Enrolling your child into a chess club is a great way to boost their extra-curricular work. Like physical sports, chess has a sense of community and social interaction that is vital to a healthy childhood. The chess club setting is a great way for your child to make new friends, and also interact with teachers and coaches in a positive way. Beyond that, chess clubs often take place over lunch hours, or after school, which means fewer long trips to distant practices, and no expensive equipment to buy!

Chess clubs look great on an academic application

Enrolling in a chess club can set you up for some great achievements. The teachers and coaches that run chess clubs are often very supportive and will do the best to help their students rise to the top, and push them to participate in competitions. This is not only a great way to experience a tournament setting, but a win also looks great on a secondary school or college application.

If you’re considering enrolling your son or daughter in a chess club or getting them involved with chess coaching, know that you are making a great decision! A good chess club can go a long way in preparing our young ones for a bright future, while still having fun playing this wonderful game.  If you would like to get your child involved in the best private or group chess lessons, in London or the surrounding areas, contact Premier Chess Coaching today!