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Our 3 Favourite Online Chess Training Tools 

Choosing the right chess training tools is confusing. We’re flooded with different options of apps, sites, and software. Especially for a beginner, it’s important to value your time. Moderate practice with the right tool will give you better results than lots of training with a bad tool. After all, perfect practice makes perfect. We’ve compiled some of our favorite training tools, so you can jump into the action the right way. is a behemoth of a site, with a ton of functionality. It’s very easy for someone new to the site to be overwhelmed. That being said, there are some great chess training tools built into it. You are able to play games on at any speed, with varying time limits. You can give yourself a huge time limit for each turn, or play games at a much faster pace depending on your skill level. Not only that, but the AIs on are very interesting. Each different chess AI has its own play-style, along with strengths and weaknesses. Playing around with this can be a great tool. For beginners, ignore your rating for now, just poke around and have fun with the tools they provide.



Lichess is a great alternative to, designed to be much simpler and easier to navigate. Lichess allows you to do the same things as, play games, analyze them, etc. What separates Lichess is the type of analysis it allows you to do. You are able to compare the game you’ve just played to similar past games played by masters. You can see the moves they made and try to understand why you might have picked a different set of moves. You can also see how much your advantage increased/decreased with each move, and compare that to similar games played by other great chess players as well! A hugely valuable chess training tool if used correctly.


Chess Kid

For a child, chess training isn’t just about getting better at openings, controlling the centre, etc. It’s about fostering love for the game, and having a space place to play it. is the sister site of, and the place for children to learn the game. It features video lessons, puzzles, and live games against other children as well. A guaranteed safe space for your child to grow their skills.

Now that you have the tools, you probably need guidance. Our chess coaches are amazing teachers, and even better people. Through our group lessons, private lessons, and school clubs, we can guide you no matter your skill level. Get in touch with us here, and let’s kick-start your chess journey.