Chess Tips for Beginners 

Learning chess is just like learning any other game or sport. Trying to remember every strategy and opening you’ve read about it is a mammoth task. Especially for a beginner, the game quickly takes the reins from you, and you’re reacting to your opponent more than employing your plan. That’s when it pays off to have a short list of chess tips and fundamentals to go back to, to ground you for the game. We’ve found our students benefit from remembering three basic rules.


Chess Tip 1: Control the Centre

Placing Pawns in the centre of the board is crucial for beginners to do at the outset of the game.  To demonstrate why, consider your opponent allows you to have two pawns on e4 and d4. Those pawns would be controlling 4 important squares in your opponents half of the board (f5. e5. d5. c5), meaning your weakest piece is stopping more powerful pieces to move to those squares.  Controlling the centre with pawns gives you more space for attacking and also more space to defend!


Chess Tip 2: Develop Your Pieces Now

If you find yourself sitting at a fresh board with little idea of what to do, remember, develop your pieces as quickly as possible. What does that mean? Focus on getting your king to safety, connect your rooks, and get your powerful pieces moving and your pawns defending them. The faster your pieces begin to ‘claim’ the board, the more difficult it will be for your opponent to develop. Using your time efficiently here is key.


Chess Tip 3: Move Different Pieces

This chess tip works hand in hand with the rest, and will particularly help your opening game. In the early stages of your game, avoid moving the same piece twice. Using two turns to develop the same piece gives your opponent time to develop two. Avoid giving your opponent that gift by remembering “one and done” when you open.


Moving Past These Rules

The above chess tips are something for you to go back to when you are lost, which beginners often are. As you begin to grow, you will undoubtedly find situations in which these tips don’t apply, and that’s a great opportunity to experiment and analyze. If you find yourself struggling to internalize these chess tips, our amazing coaches are here to help! We have great group lessons to scratch your social itch, and very effective private lessons to help you quickly build your skills. Get in touch with us here and we would be happy to help.