Benefits of Chess from the perspective of our Chess Coaches

Benefits of Chess at a Young Age

Chess is a unique, powerful tool for healthy growth. Many countries around the world have begun to recognize the benefits of chess for a growing brain. Armenia and parts of India even have chess as a mandatory part of their curriculum, and for good reason. What are these communities seeing in chess that we might be missing?


Understanding Consequences

Oftentimes when a child gets into trouble, we point to the fact that they do not fully understand the consequence of their actions. Understanding long term consequences is not something that comes naturally to us, we need to experience it, to be taught. Chess is an excellent tool for this.

A benefit of chess is that once a mistake is made, it can permeate the entire game. And once we begin to analyze our games for fault, we realize exactly where that mistake was made, and we begin to understand the consequences it had. This is an invaluable lesson for a growing mind. To maximize this benefit, we teach our students to play chess ‘consciously’, paying special attention to analyzing moves.



Enhancing Reading Skills

Perhaps the most critical academic skill is reading. We can all read, but reading well is a very valuable tool across all subjects. Anyone that’s had to read through a science textbook can tell you that being able to fully comprehend and remember what you read is priceless.

Time and time again, studies have shown that playing even just an hour of chess each day at school boosts reading levels significantly. Although we don’t understand exactly how this benefit of chess comes about, we do know it’s true. Various schools throughout the United States have used chess as a tool to boost reading comprehension levels with great success.



Boosting Memory

Dedicated chess players know, at least anecdotally, that chess helps improve memory. Chess is a game jam-packed with long sequences of moves to remember. You must keep in mind your strategy, and focus on which moves you are planning to make. While at the same time you have to remember what your opponent has done, to help you understand what they might do next.

This memory boosting combined with enhanced reading skills can really have dramatic effects on academic performance.

All of these benefits of chess can be maximized by working with a coach. Our amazing coaches are always looking for young minds to introduce to the world of chess. Send us a message today and let’s talk about how chess can help your little ones.