What to Expect From A Great Chess Teacher

What to Expect From A Great Chess Teacher

Chess teachers are a necessary step in every player’s career. Whether you are a chess titan in your school looking to expand, or whether your son or daughter are taking their first steps into the world of chess, a teacher is a valuable asset. Here is what you can expect from an experienced, passionate chess teacher. 

Chess Teachers Love Talking About Goals 

Just as everything in life, goals are important to communicate. We approach each one of our students with an open mind. Your goals should be ambitious, yet attainable for you. Maybe you want to be a chess grandmaster, or maybe your son or daughter just wants to have fun while training their mind. Knowing your goals will help a great chess teacher produce great results. Think about why you want to play chess, and remember, there are no wrong answers.

One-on-One Versus Group Chess Lessons

A great chess teacher understands the value of one-on-one lessons, and this is doubly true for group lessons. Regardless of your goals, we find that group chess lessons are fantastic at creating a love for the game. Like-minded people learning each other’s playstyles and how to counter them – that’s what makes group chess lessons so exciting. Not only are they great fun, but they also help foster more adaptive gameplay, so you have to rethink your strategy with each new opponent.

One-on-one chess lessons are where your chess teacher will refine your play. Our teachers are full of personality and understand teaching just as much as chess, and that plays a huge role in one-on-one lessons. 

Chess Teachers Can Be Nosey

The best part about finding the right chess teacher is the criticism. You’ll often find your teacher peeking over your shoulder during games, reviewing your recorded plays, and really diving deep into the decisions you made. This is a great sign, and something our teachers love to do. When done right, the criticism you receive is not disheartening, it’s exciting. Not only is the feedback itself valuable, but you will slowly begin to predict your teacher’s criticism, and correct your play even before mistakes happen. That is a truly satisfying feeling. 

It’s our job to help you get a complete understanding of what goes into chess coaching, and we know after reading this you will not be surprised the first time you come in for coaching! Meet our great chess teachers here, and sign up for your first lesson today.