Playing Online Chess During Lockdown

The COVID-19 Online Chess Renaissance

As COVID-19 permeates societies around the world, the very fabric of our jobs, family life, and hobbies has transformed. What many of us thought was a temporary hiccup in our routines has proved to be a shift in the paradigm. One of the most unforeseen shifts, even for us, has been in the world of chess. 

Playing Online Chess During Lockdown

Over the board play has of course come to a halt, but that being overshadowed by the renaissance we are seeing in the form of online chess. Online chess sites such as are seeing unbelievable surges in users due to COVID-19 lockdowns. Chess streaming has made the greatest chess players accessible to view and interacts with. With all of these changes, we’re noticing something special. Chess is gaining a youthful vigour and inviting a new wave of innovation. 

Changing The Way We Play Online Chess Forever 

As happy as we are to see online chess evolving with COVID-19, we do admit that it’s a bit unfair. Chess as a game has found centuries of success due to its “simplicity that gives rise to complexity” type of nature and has always strived to be unhindered by distance. With the introduction of playing online chess in the 90s, up until this most recent revolution, chess has always embraced change and adapted in the most surprising ways. 

With this most recent change, online chess, something that had been largely male-dominant, has begun skewing toward female users. The average age of online chess players has also come down significantly over the COVID-19 pandemic. The players, platforms, and voices of the online chess world are taking this opportunity to go from great chess players to great online chess entertainers.

Looking Forward To The New Future of Chess 

With such drastic changes happening so quickly, we can’t help but be excited about the innovation we’re in store for. COVID-19 has forced the online chess world to innovate, and it’s happening. The nature of our chess coaching is also changing, merging this renewed interest with the timeless features of the game. If you’ve ever considered doubling down on your chess hobby, and taking it to the next level – there has never been a better time than now.