The Benefits of Hiring a Chess Coach

Finding the right chess coach is a process, and we cover the basics of finding the right coach in a previous blog post here. But why exactly is a chess coach beneficial, and what are the biggest benefits of hiring a chess coach? At a time when the wealth of online knowledge is so vast, some people struggle with the idea of hiring a coach when there’s so much information they can learn through articles and videos. We’re here to tell you that most online resources don’t hold a candle to the right coach, and here’s why.


Efficient & Focused Training

You can work on improving your understanding by reading blogs, watching videos, and doing puzzles. However that understanding flows one way. You begin to understand the concepts these resources are laying out for you, but these resources cannot understand you and the gaps in your knowledge. The result is inefficient. You’re learning, but the lessons are often ‘cookie-cutter’ and can leave you with gaps in your understanding.

Hiring a chess coach connects you with a knowledgeable individual that learns about your chess game, understanding exactly where your gaps in understanding lie. That makes your progress much more rapid and direct. Rather than sifting through endless online knowledge, a coach can identify areas that need improvement and direct you to the right books, videos, and articles. Much more efficient.


Having Someone in Your Corner

How many times have you tried to pick up a new hobby, only to hesitate when it comes time to join clubs or meetups? Sometimes it’s nerve wracking to enter into a sport or hobby without having someone on the inside helping you navigate the new world. A chess coach can help you do just that. Especially for new players looking to join their local chess scene, a coach can tell you exactly what you’re ready for, while helping you navigate etiquette & expectations. Sometimes all you need is help to ‘break the ice’.


Hiring a Chess Coach For Inspiration & Motivation

Most chess players remember the first time they sat down with a coach. That’s because it’s an eye-opening experience. Breaking down your pre-existing notions about chess and guiding you to your first “ah-ha” moment is a big thing. Hiring a chess coach will help you get there, and that’s a great dose of inspiration that many of us remember for a long time. With that moment of understanding, comes the motivation to knock your next game out of the park. Until you hit another wall that is, and then it’s back to the drawing board. It’s this cycle that keeps us vying for improvement, and a chess coach is your best guide.


We gather that we’ve convinced you that hiring a chess coach is in your cards. We have some amazing coaches that are ready for group, as well as private lessons. Let us connect you with the right coach for you!