Starting a Chess Club

Should I Join A Chess Club?

Chess clubs are the bread and butter of growing as a chess player. That growth can be just as dramatic if you’re playing chess for the first time, or whether you’re a seasoned veteran. Here are a few things to consider when asking yourself if you should join a chess club. 

Chess Clubs Are The Best Training Tool

Sit down with some friends and play 10 games, then play 10 games randomly online. What’s the biggest difference? Analyzing. The discussion of each game no matter how rudimentary it is provides a moment of reflection that every chess player needs. By analyzing after a loss, you can understand where you made your mistake, and just as importantly, when your opponent noticed a weakness in your play. When you win you can learn exactly when your opponent began to play on their heels, and what strategies they employed to counter.

These small discussions among friends are what make great chess players. When in an organized chess club, these conversations are encouraged. It’s amazing to watch our younger players open up and have this conversation naturally, and with our guidance the growth we see is mind-blowing. 

Chess Clubs Are Social Gold

COVID has changed our lives, and changed how our children are developing. Socialization is so important to proper growth as a child and chess has just that, as well as many added benefits. We see our younger chess players beaming with excitement as they get to see friends they’ve made in our clubs, something they crave in these isolated times. A friendship over chess is exactly the kind of thing that fosters a long-term love for the game. And playing chess regularly has been proven to lead to better academic performance – but that’s just icing on the cake.

Chess Clubs Mix Experienced Players With New Players

Some of the most rewarding moments as a part of a chess club come from listening to experienced players. As a newer player, you can learn so much by hearing others talk about their games. It’s an amazing skill to be able to take analysis from another game and apply it to your own, in and out of chess. Actively listening will give you the edge, so we see our players picking up this skill very quickly.

If you’re thinking of enrolling yourself, or your children in a chess club, we could not be more supportive! Take the next step and sign up your school for a chess club, reach out to us.