Chess Training Plan

Plateaus in Chess Training Plans: Strategies to Get Over Hurdle

Chess is a game where growth and improvement can be so inconsistent. Over your chess journey you’ll have stretches where you struggle with an idea, fast learning ah-ha moments, and slow gradual growth. That’s just the name of the game. Today we talk about the plateaus, and how we help our students overcome them.

Include Analysis in Your Plan

One of the most crucial aspects of our students’ chess training is analysis. Learning to review your games properly is a huge help. By reviewing both wins and losses, you can identify patterns, mistakes, and missed opportunities. Use powerful chess analysis software like ChessBase or to delve deeper into your games, or traditional pen and paper methods. Learning proper analysis will get you over plateaus better than anything.

The Best Chess Training Plans Make You Read

Well reading isn’t the important part, but absorbing knowledge is. Expanding your chess knowledge is essential for growth. The more knowledge you have, the more perspectives you understand, the more likely you are to find the tools to get you over your hump. We obviously do a ton of this in our classes, but we encourage students to supplement their learning by picking up a book by one of their chess role models. There are a ton of these books, which cover a wide range of topics from opening theory to endgame mastery. Additionally, consider studying annotated games of grandmasters, which provide valuable insights into the strategic thinking of some of the greatest chess players ever.

Seek Coaching and Join a Chess Community

Keeping on the theme of new perspectives, immersing yourself in a community of like minded people is a must. A chess coach will provide invaluable guidance and identify weaknesses in your play that you don’t see. They build tailored chess training plans to address those weaknesses and leverage your strengths. Additionally, joining a chess club or online community can provide opportunities for friendly games, discussions, and feedback. Our group lessons are an excellent opportunity to get valuable feedback, play friendly games, and do analysis in a non-judgemental, supportive environment. 

Overcoming plateaus in your chess training plan requires a combination of self-analysis, expanding knowledge, and supportive external guidance. By using these strategies and remembering that no training plateau is forever, you’re capable of reaching all your chess goals. We invite you to join a chess training session with us, so we can give you an idea of how helpful our amazing Premier Chess community can be. Get started by messaging us here, and let us know what you need help with. Our coaches will be there to guide you.