How to Start a Chess Club in Your School: Step-by-Step Guide

Students playing chess in school club

Starting a chess club in your school brings along a multitude of advantages. As our earlier blog posts highlighted, chess is a potent instrument that substantially influences students’ academic advancement and social growth. However, executing this endeavor accurately is crucial for your school’s success. From ensuring proper equipment to cultivating demand, there’s a lot to […]

Plateaus in Chess Training Plans: Strategies to Get Over Hurdle

Chess Training Plan

Chess is a game where growth and improvement can be so inconsistent. Over your chess journey you’ll have stretches where you struggle with an idea, fast learning ah-ha moments, and slow gradual growth. That’s just the name of the game. Today we talk about the plateaus, and how we help our students overcome them. Include […]

When To Start Chess Training

Children's Chess Training

We’ve all heard of the chess prodigies that learn to castle before eating solid food. To be honest, even our very talented coaches didn’t start with chess training that early. Coaches around the world have been discussing for years the best age to start chess training. For us it comes down to two important factors, […]

Group Chess Lessons – The Best Learning Tool For Beginners 

School Chess Clubs

Group chess lessons and school clubs are sometimes seen as secondary to private lessons. Private lessons must be better, because the chess coach can give the student their undivided attention, right? Well not exactly. Private lessons are great, but group chess lessons provide a completely different set of tools especially useful to beginners. Let’s talk […]