Interactive chess lessons

Interactive Chess Lessons – Pros and Cons

For years, chess was learnt through sources like special books and magazines. However, with the advent of newer technology, people can now take chess lessons online. These lessons are referred to as interactive chess lessons as well. Websites allow beginners to play against the computer or other online players. There are plenty of websites that offer this opportunity and it happens to be more effective than the older methods.
The chess lessons websites use specialized software, which allows the players to learn multiple skills and track their progress. The quality of the interactive chess lessons may depend on what type of software the website is using.
Despite the use obvious benefits of using technology to learn chess, there are still people who prefer traditional chess lessons. So in this blog post, we discuss the pros and cons of interactive chess lessons.


Learning at Your Own Schedule

While juggling with your work, family and other responsibilities, it’s sometime hard to find time during the day for chess lessons. One of e advantages of interactive chess lessons is that you can take your lessons any time. Even late nights. Yet – keep in mind that chess requires commitment – therefore, we highly recommend you to dedicate at least one hour a week to learn chess.

Track Learning Progress

Online chess lessons has a ratings system which helps track your progress. Some software may even allow access to games history for better analysis.


Chess Experience

Interactive chess lessons may not introduce to you the sophistication of the game. You will only learn what is technical. With coaches, you will also have access to their experience. Many coaches are masters of the game and can let you in on tips and strategies a software may not be aware of.

Costly Websites

Websites that offer smarter software for chess lessons may ask for a costly fee. Coaches are not free either but you may be getting more out of their lessons. Therefore, learning with chess coaches will be more cost-effective.

Traditional or Interactive Chess Lessons?

In conclusion, the type of chess lessons you choose to pursue can depend on your requirements. If you want personalized self-learning, then interactive chess lessons are a good choice. But if you want to get introduced to the wider chess world, coaches and other educational resources will be more feasible. If you want to learn more about our chess lessons, please visit HERE or contact us for more information