Group Chess Lessons

Group Chess Lessons: The Ideal Lesson For Beginners

As COVID-19 lockdowns ramp up around the world, interest in chess has been sky-rocketing. This unique situation has given rise to a huge flux in online chess lessons, particularly group lessons & weekend clubs. We see many people, particularly beginners, juggling with the idea of group lessons vs. private chess lessons. We’re here to ease your mind – a group setting is a fantastic way for beginners to learn to love chess.

Becoming a Part of the Chess Community

The most popular medium for chess these days is the internet. Playing online, learning online, watching live streams – these things define the world of chess today. With the internet, comes community. Many different types of people are coming together to talk and play chess every day. Group chess lessons are a great way to ensure that you will make a friend within the community. Creating these connections is easy in a group setting, where we can help connect you to a mentor, a peer, or someone for you to help along in their chess journey.

Finding Your ‘Best’ Playstyle

Group chess lessons are the best way to ensure that you are exposed to as many styles of play as possible. The variety of people that join our group chess lessons always surprises us. You can be sure that you’ll find a playstyle that makes you think, one that confuses you, and another that you can’t wait to play against. Experience with all of these styles means that when it comes to your play, you can refine it and make decisions based on what interests you.

Understanding Chess of All Skill Levels

The range of skill levels within chess is famously disparate, and you will see that first hand in your first group chess lesson. This may sound intimidating, but in reality, experiencing different levels of play is very satisfying. This is especially true when you win a game, and find points of the fault within your opponent’s play. Coaching others and giving pointers is often the best way to grow as a chess player yourself. This is why group chess lessons are so valuable. Not only do you learn by being taught, but you also learn by teaching.

We invite you to take part in your very first group chess lesson, by joining one of the many chess clubs we host. We’ll make sure that each and every club day grow your love for the game and your skill level.