Do You Need a Chess Coach?

Many of us love chess as an irreplaceable pastime, and many others consider it a competitive hill to climb and conquer. Contrary to popular belief, a good chess coach is not just vital to competitive play, but rather a good coach can help you enjoy chess as a pastime just as well. We have gone into choosing the right chess coach in the past, but now let’s talk about what a chess coach can really bring to the table, and if you need one right now.


Chess Coaches As a Support System

No matter your goal one thing is certain, chess can be frustrating. Struggling with your ranking, or even running into a wall playing against friends, it can be a lot to handle. A good coach is your support system to help you deal with, and analyze each loss.

With the help of a chess coach, you are able to turn each loss into an analytical exercise. Understanding when and why you lost becomes a puzzle itself. Frustration arises when we’re faced with that puzzle, but we do not have the tools to come up with an answer. Improving seems impossible. With the help of a coach, analyzing your game can become second nature. Soon you’ll see exactly why you lost, and after that, you’ll have the tools to see a loss before it’s realized.


Coaches Strengthen Your Playstyle

A great coach understands and strengthens your playstyle. We all have a particular way of playing chess. Different levels of aggression and different priorities contribute to our enjoyment and competitive edge. A coach can help you identify the playstyle that best suits your goals, and help you experiment with other playstyles you find enjoyable.


Helping You Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Chess is inherently a social game. A good coach will understand this, and help you make the most of the community. Through group lessons, a good chess coach can connect students with complimentary playstyles, helping everyone grow their game. A coach can also hone your tournament etiquette, so you can confidently attend your local tournaments and thrive. Chess is a community game, and a coach is your springboard to help you jump right in. You’ll find it invaluable to have an insider that you can trust to help you feel confident in your interaction with the community.

If you feel that a chess coach is right for you, let us help. We have some of London’s best chess coaches ready to help you enjoy the game like never before.