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Chess Lessons for Adults – How Are They Helpful?

Chess Lessons for Adults – How Are They Helpful?

It may sound weird, but while many parents don’t hesitate to register their children for chess lessons, they will hesitate to take chess lessons for themselves! Moreover, when they pick up their children, they keep telling us that they can’t believe how chess has helped their child in many different ways – and too bad they didn’t take lessons themselves when they were younger. Other parents even add that they wish they were better players so they could enjoy a good game with their child; however, “they are too old for that…”

Is that true? Is there any “maximum” age to enjoy the benefits of chess lessons?
Of course not! There is no “maximum age” to learn chess, and you will be surprised to know that not only can adults still achieve great results, but there are additional benefits that make taking lessons worth it. Here are but 4 benefits (out of many):

Exercise both sides of the brain

It is a widely known fact that the right and left sides of the brain focus on different skills. We also know that working both sides of the brain enables sharper thinking and enhances coordination.
Studies have shown that playing chess involves the use of the brain’s right hemisphere (which deals with pattern recognition) as well as the left hemisphere (which deals with object recognition). One of the best advantages of playing chess for adults is the fact that over time, playing chess will effectively exercise and develop not one but both sides of the brain.

Improve memory

Another great benefit of chess, especially for adults, is the fact that playing chess improves memory. The complexity of the game, as well as the memory recall needed to avoid previous mistakes, both help in improving memory.


How many times have you looked at your children and wanted to be as creative as they are? The thing is, you were creative when you were younger, but as you grew older… Does it seem as if your creativity has disappeared? Believe it or not – your creativity is not gone, it is just dormant, and playing chess will force you to “activate” the dormant parts of your brain that are responsible for creativity.


We could list many more benefits of playing chess for adults, but in our opinion, FUN is the main reason to play chess at any age. So, if you want to play chess – no matter how old you are – find a good chess teacher, and follow your heart. You will be happily surprised at how many additional benefits you will experience over time.


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