3 Key Online Chess Training Tools

3 Key Online Chess Training Tools

When you end up on a forum for your favourite sport or hobby, you’ll often find countless posts with contradictory training techniques and regiments. What some people swear by, others will see as a waste of time. Creating an online chess training plan is just as difficult. What works and what doesn’t? Here are three accessible things that we believe every beginner can benefit from, right from home. 

1. Chess Training Puzzles 

Chess puzzles are a great way to improve your game, and they’re abundant online. Chess puzzles place you in the middle of a game and it’s up to you to select the right moves for a checkmate. There are puzzles ranging all skill levels, so you can always find a puzzle to fit right into your chess training. What’s important when using puzzles is to always do them mindfully, taking care to keep your goal in mind. Keep focused on identifying and memorizing the patterns that unfold with each puzzle. 

Our favourite chess puzzles can be found at Chess.com/puzzles & ChessPuzzle.net

2. Read Chess Training Books 

Puzzles are great, but it’s important to know what to pay attention to while solving them. Picking up a beginners book of tactics is a great way to get a primer on different tactics so you know what to look out for when trying to solve puzzles. Beginning Chess by Bruce Pandolfini is a great book for beginner chess players. It’s filled with problems that can quickly be added to any chess training routine. 

3. Join Group Chess Lessons 

Group lessons are a solid backbone to build your chess training around. Group lessons provide a variety of play styles and skill sets for you to explore. The value of a good coach stretches far beyond the one-hour lesson. With a trained chess coach leading the group, you’ll have a professional that can help you build a training tool set that fits your strengths and weaknesses. We invite you to get to know our amazing coaches!


We challenge you to take advantage of these three accessible tools. If you need help building a training plan personalized for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our skilled coaches will help