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The Top 3 Online Chess Streamers You Should Follow

Chess is a timeless game of strategy that has captured the hearts of countless individuals throughout history. If you’re a beginner chess player seeking to deepen your understanding and ignite a long-term passion for the game, online chess streams offer an invaluable resource. In this article, we’ll explore the top three online chess streamers who not only entertain but also provide valuable guidance for beginners. By following these streamers, you’ll be able to supplement your learning with something useful and entertaining.


Hikaru Nakamura

Hikaru Nakamura’s online chess streams are a treasure trove of knowledge for beginners. With his extensive experience as a five-time United States Chess Champion, Nakamura possesses a deep understanding of the game. His streams combine captivating gameplay with insightful commentary, where he breaks down his decision-making process and explains fundamental concepts. Nakamura’s dedication to sharing his expertise and engaging teaching style make his streams an excellent resource for beginner players eager to learn from a true chess master.


Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez’s online chess streams have gained immense popularity, particularly for their beginner-friendly approach. As a Woman FIDE Master, Botez understands the challenges that newcomers face when learning chess. Her streams are characterized by a welcoming atmosphere and a focus on making chess accessible to all. Botez regularly hosts instructional streams, where she introduces key strategies, tactics, and opening principles. Her passion for teaching and her ability to simplify complex ideas make her streams an invaluable learning tool for aspiring chess players.


Eric Hansen

Hansen, a Canadian International Master, brings a unique blend of humour and expertise to his broadcasts. His streams offer a mix of exciting gameplay, educational commentary, and interactive engagement with viewers. Hansen’s ability to explain intricate concepts in an approachable manner enables beginners to grasp essential chess principles while being thoroughly entertained.


As a beginner chess player, immersing yourself in the world of online chess streams can accelerate the steep learning curve. Hikaru Nakamura, Alexandra Botez, and Eric Hansen, our three recommended streamers combine expertise, teaching skills, and entertainment value to create great supplementary learning experiences. By following their streams alongside your usual training, you’ll gain valuable insights, learn essential strategies, and ignite a deep and lasting love for chess. Get in touch with us to talk more about building the right learning path for you.