Career in Chess

Careers in Chess: Making Chess Your Job 

Chess is more than just a fantastic hobby. If you’re passionate about the game, it doesn’t just end there. It might seem like a career in chess is far-fetched, but with the popularity of chess only growing, developing your career around chess is quite viable. There are a few great opportunities to ingrain yourself in chess as a career.


Chess Coaching

If you like guiding others, building relationships, and spotting gaps in people’s knowledge, becoming a chess coach is something to consider. Having a robust knowledge of chess and chess development is vital. Coaching is one of those careers in chess that really depends on your drive to succeed. There are a ton of coaching opportunities online and offline. Your rating will partly determine how much coaching work you can get, and the rest is making yourself available, and having a knack for guiding young minds through the common obstacles of chess.


Chess Programming

Chess and programming go hand in hand. The analytical and logical nature of the game lends itself to the use of many online tools that help players play chess and develop their skills. Not only are chess engines rocketing in skill level, but tools to help analyze games have found prominence as well. There is always a need for more chess tools that can help you improve faster, more conveniently, and while having more fun! If you’re interested in creating something new and exciting through a career in chess, programming might be for you.


Chess Content Creation

Time for a confession – most of us in the online chess community love watching chess as much as we do playing it! We’ve seen some huge leaps in viewership around the chess scene on twitch and YouTube over the past few years. If you enjoy playing chess, and you have a fun idea for engaging content, the time to try it is now. The bar of entry is low, it’s enjoyable to do, and you can be a part of the larger chess community, which is rewarding in and of itself.


If you’re interested in turning chess from a hobby to a career, talk to one of our amazing coaches! We’re here not to just develop your skills, but to make your chess dreams a reality. Drop us a note, and let’s talk about your chess future.